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Submersible Well Pumps Troubleshooting ( Submersible well pump works but no water)
Reasons and treatment methods for the submersible pump no water or insufficient water:

1.The submersible pump motor does not rotate;
Treatment method: check the reason why the motor does not rotate.
2.The head is beyond the scope of use;
Treatment method: replace the submersible pump that meets the requirements for use.
3.The submersible pump impeller or filter screen is blocked;
Treatment method: remove debris.
4.The fire pump joint of the submersible pump outlet leakage;
Treatment method: re-install the water pipe joints.
5.Direction of rotation of Submersible pump three-phase motor is error;
Treatment method: change any two-phase wiring position.
6.The low speed caused by the low voltage;
Treatment method: avoid the peak of electricity consumption.
7.Impeller wear;
Treatment method: replace the impeller.
8.The submersible pump is exposed to the water surface;
Treatment method: lower the submersible pump.