Welcome to Better Technology Co., Ltd.
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Welcome to Better Technology Co., Ltd.
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Pre-sale Service
Good pre-sale service is an important guarantee to ensure customers' interests. We have professional senior service engineers to provide customers with design solutions and consulting services before sales, recommend the most suitable product for customers' actual needs, and avoid unnecessary losses to customers due to improper selection.
Medium-sale Service
Professional service personnel with a high degree of professionalism are actively following up the service, providing free training, guiding the installation, carefully explaining the operation points and precautions for customers, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the products and minimize failures due to improper use by customers.
After-sale Service
Service personnel regularly take the initiative to carry out product inspection, correct customers' nonstandard use in time, check equipment operation and timely maintenance. In the event of failure, professional service personnel can quickly solve problems, collect information, establish classified files for customers and provide free maintenance for one year.