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Dubai Fire Fair, Better technology invites you to share a fire feast
Spring is warm flowers open, snow and ice melt. With the new Year's Bell, Better technology opened a new page, the New year we are full of longing and passion, to give back to the vast number of friends and customers of our trust, we ushered in a group of new members to join.

March 7, 2018, a one-day product knowledge training held in factory, Better Technology Co., Ltd. new and old employees more than a person to participate.

In order to enhance the new staff's understanding of the company, strengthen the staff's understanding of the company's products, by the company's old staff to lead new people to visit the workshop, and each process of the company's products believe in a detailed and comprehensive explanation.

In the morning, Better Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Luo about corporate culture, the appointment of personnel in various posts. In the afternoon, Luo explained the company's product knowledge introduction, and marketing basics, so that new employees as soon as possible to understand the Better Technology Co., Ltd. and then into the bell, gradually familiar with the work environment, accurate positioning of their role, give full play to their talents.

The world is full of ". After 1 days of training, everyone has made great progress, quickly integrated into the big family of bed, full of confidence in the future development of the company, decided to sink the heart to do their duty to embrace the cause of the bell, with the spirit of craftsman to create their own future, the next step will be more exuberant fighting spirit and work hard, In the ordinary position to break out of their own blue ocean.