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ZQB Submersible Axial Flow Pump
  • Caliber:350-1200mm
  • Flow:400-10000 m³/h
  • Head:1.85-15m
  • Power:7.5-4800kw
  • Speed:370-1450rpm
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Product Overview
Product Introduction of Submersible Axial Flow Pump
Axial pumps are usually single stage pump. The flow range is very large, more than 10,000 m³/h; the head is generally below 20 meters. The axial flow pump is generally vertical, the impeller is submerged under water, and there is also a horizontal or inclined axial flow pump. When the impeller installation position of the small axial flow pump is higher than the water surface, it needs to be started by the vacuum pump exhaust water.
Main features
Deliver clear or sewage water
Double mechanical seals, reliably prevent leakage
It can submerged in the water for long time
Low noisy, easy structure
The capacity can be very and the head is low
The axial flow pump is mainly suitable for low lift and large flow situations, such as irrigation, drainage, dock drainage, water level adjustment of canal locks, or as a large circulating water pump for power plants, stationary commercial plant for polluted wastewater discharges, residential sewage stations, urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, air defense system, pumping station, water plant's water supply facilities, hospitals, hotels sewage emissions, municipal engineering construction sites, mining facilities with machines, biogas digesters in rural areas, irrigation and other industries, conveyor belt particles of sewage, dirt.
Working conditions
1. During the test, the link parts should be checked to ensure that there is no looseness in each joint.
2. The electrical appliances and instruments work normally; the pipelines of the oil road, gas road and waterway shall not have leakage; the pressure and hydraulic pressure are normal.
3. Always check for floating objects near the water inlet to prevent blockage at the water inlet.
4. The temperature of the axial pump rolling bearing should not exceed 75 degrees.
5. Pay attention to the sound and vibration of the pump at any time, and find that the abnormal shutdown immediately.
6. The temperature of the oil in the gearbox should be normal.
Product structure
The motor adopts Class F insulation, high temperature resistance, and has alarm devices such as temperature protection, monitoring and leakage;
It can be equipped with a control mode electric control cabinet with one control two to one control four, which can realize the automatic shutdown of the pump when the fault occurs, the automatic start of the standby pump, and the retention of the fault signal (self-diagnosis) to ensure the high reliability of the operation;
Double mechanical seal, reliable to prevent water leakage, large pump due to large axial force, special thrust bearing, reasonable structural design, adequate lubrication, good heat dissipation, long bearing life;
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