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What is a WQ submersible sewage pump?
WQ submersible sewage pump is suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, coal processing industries, as well as urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction sites and other industries. Sewage and dirt can also be used to pump clean water and corrosive media. 

WQ submersible sewage pump characteristics:
1.The unique single-piece or double-blade hour wheel structure greatly improves the passing ability of the living thing, and can effectively pass the 5 times of the fiber diameter of the pump and the solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter.
2. The mechanical seal adopts a new hard and corrosion-resistant softening tungsten material, which can make the pump run safely for more than 8000 hours.
3. The overall structure is compact, the volume is small, the noise is low, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the maintenance is convenient, the pump room is not needed, and the water can be used to work, which greatly reduces the construction cost.

4. The pump sealing oil chamber is provided with a high-precision anti-interference water leakage detecting sensor, and the thermal resistance component is embedded in the stator winding to automatically protect the pump motor.
5. It can be equipped with automatic control cabinet according to user's needs to automatically protect the pump from water leakage, leakage, overload and over-temperature, which improves the safety and reliability of the product.
6. The float switch can automatically control the start and stop of the pump according to the required liquid level change, without special care, it is very convenient to use.
7. It can be equipped with double-rail automatic coupling installation system according to the user's needs. It brings more convenience to installation and maintenance, and people do not have to enter the sump for this purpose.
8. Can be used in the full head, and ensure that the motor will not overload.
9. There are two different installation methods, fixed automatic coupling installation system and mobile free installation system.