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The submersible sewage pump maintenance
The submersible sewage pump has a special failure rate due to the special working environment. Therefore, the submersible sewage pump needs more active maintenance.
In order to ensure the normal use and life of the submersible sewage pump, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out:

1. Check the motor insulation and fastening screws at least once a year. If the motor insulation drops, please ask someone to repair it. If the fastening screw is loose, retighten it.
2. The cable should be inspected at least once a year. If it is damaged, please replace it.
3. After the operation of the submersible sewage pump fails, please follow the troubleshooting method given. If it still cannot be solved, and you cannot determine the cause, do not dispose of it indiscriminately. You should immediately find someone to repair it.
4. When the submersible sewage pump is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and hoisted in a ventilated and dry place, pay attention to antifreeze. If placed in water, run at least 30 minutes every 15 days to check its function and adaptability.

5. Replace the sealing ring: After long-term use in the sewage medium, the gap between the impeller and the sealing ring may increase, causing the pump flow and efficiency to drop. The electric switch should be turned off, lift the water pump, remove the bottom cover, equipped with a sealing ring according to the actual size of the impeller ring. The clearance is generally about 0.5mm.
6. The submersible sewage pump has been injected with an appropriate amount of oil before leaving the factory to lubricate the mechanical seal. The oil should be inspected once a year. If you find water in the oil, you should discharge, replace the oil, the gasket, and tighten the screw plug. After three weeks, it must be re-examined. If the oil is again an emulsion, the mechanical seal should be inspected and replaced if necessary.