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Installation instructions of self-priming centrifugal pump
1. When the self-priming pump is directly connected to the motor, pay attention to the concentricity between the pump shaft and the motor output; the accuracy of the pump installation has a large impact on the pump's running stability and service life, so it must be carefully installed and adjusted.
2. The pump coupling must be screwed tightly, and the nut must be locked. Be careful not to loosen the nut, otherwise the impeller will easily move and cause mechanical failure.
3. In order to maintain a certain storage liquid in the pump body to achieve better self-priming ability and prevent dry friction of the mechanical seal, the inlet of the pump must be higher than the centerline of the pump shaft.
4. The installation of suction pipeline should pay attention to:
A: The installation height of the suction port cannot exceed 3.5 meters. When the conditions permit, the installation height of the suction port should be as low as possible below the most artificial water storage level of the pool, and the length of the suction pipe should be shortened as much as possible. It is beneficial to shorten the self-priming time and improve the self-priming function.
B: Valves, flanges, etc. in the suction pipeline should be strictly prevented from leaking air or liquid, that is, no leakage of gas in the suction pipeline is allowed.
C: Prevent the suction of solids and other debris in the pump body. To this end, a filter should be installed on the suction line. The effective flow area of the filter should be 2-3 times the cross section of the suction pipe, and the filter should be checked regularly.
D: The suction pipe and the discharge pipe should have their own brackets. The pump body itself is not allowed to bear the load of the pipe.
5.When the pump is installed, the electrostatic grounding resistance of the pump and pipeline should meet its specified requirements.
6. During installation, strictly check the electrostatic grounding resistance of the pump casing and pipeline to meet its specified requirements.
7. Correct the installation clearance and coaxiality of pump couplings and motor dynamic couplings. The allowable deviation of different axialities is 0.1 mm. The height difference between the pump shaft and the electric shaft can be adjusted by copper or iron on the feet.
8. After the unit is actually running for 3-4 hours, make a final inspection. If there are no adverse phenomena, consider that the installation is completed. During the test operation, check the bearing temperature. The temperature of the bearing body should not exceed 70 ° C.
9. The cooling water connector of the pump bearing body is equipped with a rubber or plastic pipe with an inner hole of Φ12, and its thread size is M12 × 1.25.
10. If a one-way valve is installed on the pump's outlet pipe and the pump cannot smoothly discharge gas during the self-priming process, an exhaust pipe and a valve should be connected at the pump's outlet.