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How to extend the service life of centrifugal pumps?
The centrifugal pump should be selected according to the nature of the liquid delivered (choose the appropriate pump material), check the required performance, analyze the suction, discharge conditions, intermittent operation or continuous operation. Centrifugal pumps should normally be operated at or near the pressure and flow conditions specified by the manufacturer. The following review should be carried out when installing the centrifugal pump: 

①The basic dimensions, position and elevation should meet the design requirements. The anchor bolts must be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation. The machine should not have missing parts, damage or rust;
②According to the characteristics of the medium to be transported by the pump, the material of the main parts, shaft seals and gaskets should be checked if necessary;
③The balance of the centrifugal pump shall be in accordance with the provisions of the equipment technical documents. If there is no regulation, it shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard “General Specifications for Construction and Acceptance of Mechanical Equipment Installation Engineering”;
④All pipes connected to the pump body, installation of pipe fittings and cleaning requirements of lubricating oil pipes shall comply with the relevant national standards.

Pay attention to the above points when using the inline centrifugal pump, and regularly maintain the pipeline centrifugal pump, which can greatly improve the service life and efficiency.