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21 key points about centrifugal pump you need to know ( 1 )
1. What is the main working principle of the centrifugal pump?
The motor drives the impeller to rotate at a high speed, which causes the liquid to generate centrifugal force. Due to the centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown into the side flow channel out of the pump or into the next stage impeller, thereby reducing the pressure at the inlet of the impeller and forming the pressure acting on the suction liquid Pressure difference, the pressure difference acts on the liquid enter pump. Due to the continuous rotation of the centrifugal pump, the liquid is continuously sucked or discharged.

2. What is the role of lubricating oil (grease)?
Lubrication and cooling, flushing, sealing, vibration reduction, protection and unloading.
3. Which three levels of filtration should the lubricating oil pass?
The first level: between the original barrel of lubricating oil and the fixed barrel; the second level: between the fixed oil barrel and the oil pot; the third level: between the oil pot and the filling point.
4. What is the "five fixed" of equipment lubrication?
Fixed point: add oil according to the specified point;
Timing: add oil to the lubricated parts according to the specified time and change the oil regularly;
Quantitative: add oil according to the consumption;
Qualitative: select different lubricants according to different models and keep the quality of the oil qualified
People: Each person at the refueling site must have a person in charge.

5. What are the hazards of water in machine pump lubricants?
Moisture can reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil, weaken the strength of the oil film, and reduce the lubricating effect. When water freezing below 0℃, seriously affect the low temperature fluidity of lubricating oil. Moisture can accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil and promote the corrosion of metals by low molecular organic acids. Moisture will increase the foaminess of the lubricating oil, making the lubricating oil prone to foaming. Moisture will rust metal parts.

6. What are the maintenance of the pump?
Conscientiously implement the post responsibility system and equipment maintenance and other rules and regulations. Equipment lubrication is "five fixed" and "three-level filtration", and the lubricating equipment is complete and clean. The maintenance tools, safety facilities, fire-fighting equipment, etc. are all intact and neatly placed.

7. What is the standards for common shaft seal leakage?
Packing seal: light oil less than 20 drops / minute heavy oil less than 10 drops / minute mechanical seal: light oil less than 10 drops / minute heavy oil less than 5 drops / minute

8. Why can't it start when the centrifugal pump hand turning?
If the centrifugal pump turning fails, it indicates that the internal fault of the pump has occurred. This fault may be caused by the impeller being stuck or the pump shaft being bent excessively, or the moving and static parts of the pump are rusted, or the pressure in the pump is too high. If the pump is started due to cannot turning, the powerful motor force drives the pump shaft to forcefully rotate, which will cause damage to the internal parts, such as the pump shaft breaks, twists, the impeller breaks, the motor coil burns, and may also cause the motor to trip and start failure.

9. What is the role of sealing oil?
Cooling seal parts; lubricating; prevent evacuation damage

10. Why should the spare pump be turned regularly?
There are three functions of regular turning: preventing the fouling of the pump from being stuck; preventing the shaft of the pump from being deformed; the turning can also bring the lubricating oil to various lubrication points to prevent the shaft from rusting, and the bearings are lubricated, which is good for immediate emergency drive.