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Centrifugal Pump Selection and Installation
Centrifugal Pump Selection and Installation 

①Improve the structural parameters of the pump inlet
This solution is suitable for the design and manufacturing stage of centrifugal pumps, and this method is rarely used at the production site.

②Install induction wheel on pump suction port
The installation of induction wheels has a significant effect on improving the anti-cavitation performance of the centrifugal pump and solving the problem of cavitation. Moreover, its structure is simple and easy to manufacture and install, it is convenient to operate and maintain, and its cost is low. It can be installed and debugged without affecting production, and it is especially suitable for promotion and application at the production site.
③Reasonable design of the suction pipeline and adjust the installation height
Although this method can completely eliminate the cavitation problem, it is rarely used at the production site. This is because adjusting the suction pipeline and installation height of the pump has a large amount of engineering, high construction costs, and is restricted by the construction environment. It can only be performed when the device is stopped or during major maintenance. At the same time, due to process conditions, the adjustment of the pump suction pipeline and installation height will affect subsequent processes and have a chain reaction.

④Optimize process operating conditions
When the process conditions allow, changing the operating parameters such as the flow rate, head, speed and operating temperature of the pump can avoid cavitation. However, due to the limitation of process conditions, optimizing process operating conditions has great limitations, and in most cases the effect is not significant. Therefore, this method can be used as an auxiliary method to solve the cavitation problem.

Under the premise of not affecting the normal production, to solve the cavitation problem, it should be preferred to install an induction wheel at its inlet.