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Precautions for startup and shutdown of centrifugal pump
First, precautions for starting the centrifugal pump
When the centrifugal pump is started, the motor or other type of power machine should be allowed to reach the standard rated speed of the centrifugal pump, and the pointers of the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge on the outlet pipe should be in a normal state. If normal, then open the valve at the outlet pipe of the centrifugal pump, and slowly open the valve to the maximum value. If you don't need to check the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge, you can turn off the valves. When starting the centrifugal pump, Don’t open the water outlet valve too slowly. The vertical centrifugal pump can not run for more than 5 minutes with the outlet valve fully closed. If exceed the time, it can easily cause the temperature of the water in the centrifugal pump body too high and generate heat. Those who are likely to cause serious damage to parts and components, also cause dangerous accidents. During the use of the centrifugal pump, the operator must adhere to inspect at any time. If problems are found, they must be dealt with in a timely manner to ensure the safe operation of the centrifugal pump.

Second, the precautions for centrifugal pump operation
1) Check whether the meter works normally and stably. The reading of the ammeter should not exceed the rated current of the motor. If the current is too large or too small, it should be stopped and checked in time.
2) Check whether the reading on the flowmeter is normal. You can also see the flow of the water pipe to estimate the flow.
3) Check whether the shaft seal device is hot and whether the dripping of the single-stage centrifugal pump sealed by the packing is normal. Dripping water should be in the form of drops, dripping out at 30-605 drops / min. The dripping condition reflects the tightness of the packing. During operation, the packing gland bolt can be adjusted to control the dripping amount.
4) Check the temperature rise of the bearing of the pipeline centrifugal pump motor. The temperature rise of the bearing should generally not exceed the ambient temperature of 35℃, and the maximum bearing temperature should not exceed 75℃. It can also be touched by hand when there is no thermometer. If you feel hot, you should stop and check.
5) Frequently monitor the vibration and noise of the unit. If it is too large, stop and check it.
6) The oil ring should freely rotate asynchronously with the pump shaft.
7) Record technical data such as water level, flow, head current, voltage, power factor, power consumption, temperature, etc., and conduct regular analysis to provide scientific basis for pumping station management and economic operation.
8) Strictly implement the post responsibility system and safe operating procedures.

Three, precautions for centrifugal pump shutdown
When the centrifugal pump is stopped, the outlet pipe pressure gauge should be closed first, and then the gate valve or other valves on the water outlet pipe should be closed slowly, so that the motor or other power machine is in a light load state, and then the vacuum gauge closed, and finally the power machine stopped. If the centrifugal pump is restarted after being stopped for a long time, the drain switches of the centrifugal pump and each part of the pipeline should be turned on, and the remaining water in the pipeline and the pump body should be emptied to prevent the rust of the components or the freezing cracking in winter appears. The shutdown method of the centrifugal pump has a direct relationship with the type of power machine used. For example, if the diesel pump can turn off the ignition switch or the throttle. If it is a pipeline centrifugal pump driven by a motor, you can pull the power switch to cut off the circuit of the centrifugal pump. The Y / A start motor can push down the Y / A start switch to the parking position.