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How to replace the centrifugal pump mechanical seal ?
How to replace the centrifugal pump mechanical seal ?

1. Since the mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump is generally suitable for use in clean, non-suspended granular media, the newly installed piping system and liquid storage should be carefully cleaned to prevent solid impurities from entering the mechanical seal end face.
2. In the medium that is easy to crystallize, the mechanical seal should be used to pay attention to frequent flushing. The crystals on the mechanical seal should be cleaned before restarting after parking.
3. Disassembling centrifugal pump mechanical seal should be careful, do not allow hand hammer, iron and other tapping, so as not to damage the dynamic and static ring sealing surface.
4. If there is dirt, try to remove the dirt, rinse it and then disassemble it to avoid damage to the sealing components.
5. Before installing the mechanical seal on the centrifugal pump, all sealing components should be inspected for failure or damage. If happens, repair or replace it.
6. The relative friction sealing surface of the moving ring and the stationary ring should be strictly checked. No slight scratches or bumps are allowed. All other parts, including the pump body, impeller, sealing cavity, etc. should be rinsed before assembly, especially the moving and static ring surface, should be cleaned with soft cloth or cotton yarn, and then coated with a clean layer of grease or oil.
7. In the assembly of the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to pay attention to eliminate the deviation. When tightening the screw, it should be evenly tightened to avoid deflection and make the seal invalid.
8. Correctly adjust the compression amount of the spring. After the pump is installed, when the rotor is pulled by hand, the sealing spring should have a certain amount of compression, but it can be lightly and flexibly rotated. If you feel too tight or do not move, you should loosen some of them properly.
9. Centrifugal pump for mechanical seal with external flushing, the flushing fluid should be turned on before starting, to fill the sealing chamber with sealing liquid. When parking, stop the pump first, then close the seal flushing fluid.
The mechanically sealed centrifugal pump is an important component. The installation of mechanical seal is a simple and precise technology. It is also one of the common knowledge of basic pump maintenance that the majority of pump users must understand.